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Protect Your Income - And All That It Makes Possible

Highly-trained  professionals like you have unique income protection needs. As an Ophthalmologist, you've made a substantial investment of time and money to get where you are now. Your income is growing and serves as the foundation for the life you've created.

Your income is the primary source of funding for a lifetime of things, from basic necessities to the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and the ones you love. Think about the values of your income not just now, but over your entire lifetime. Today's 30 year-old earning $200,000 a year will earn $12 million by age 65, assuming only 3% annual increases, Your income is in fact a multi-million dollar asset.

We understand the unique income protection needs of a highly-trained medical professional like you and have the knowledge and experience to help you protect your income - and all it makes possible.

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